Seoul ADEX & Sacheon Aerospace Expo – 2017

Seoul ADEX & Sacheon Aerospace Expo – 2017

Report and photos by Peter van den Berg

February 1, 2018

Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition 2017 – Seoul ADEX 2017

The Seoul ADEX 2017 was a 6-day event that took place from October 17 through October 22, 2017 in Seoul, South Korea.

The trade show took is located at Seoul Air Base in Seongnam City, near Seoul. ADEX 17 is a premier industry event, serving as a stage for the Aerospace & Defense industry, featuring indoor and outdoor exhibitions, aerial demonstrations and seminars. The event is the largest of its kind in North-Asia, with its exhibitors showcasing products, services and solutions in defense development. Attracting professionals, key defense personnel, aviation enthusiasts and general public, the event has seen about 250,000 attendees.


Seoul ADEX is organized by the Seoul ADEX Office, involving the Korea Aerospace & Defense Industry Associations. Furthermore, it is supported by wide variety of ministries such as the Ministry of National Defense, Trade, Industry & Energy and Infrastructure & Transport. The Army Air Force Marine Corps is also involved. Honorary chairman of the event is the Prime Minister.


Seoul ADEX 2017 features 405 exhibiting companies from 33 countries. The event attracts 78 VIP delegations from 53 countries and regions.

The indoor exhibitions feature both rotary and fixed-wing aircraft as well as mock-up and full-scale weapon systems and equipment. Space material, simulators and airport facilities are also presented here.

The outdoor exhibitions feature new fighter, helicopter, transport and civil aircraft. Ground equipment is also displayed here, such as (un)armored vehicles, MBTs and self-propelled artillery.

As with many trade shows around the globe, ADEX 2017 was the main stage for multiple seminars and symposia about aerospace and defense industries.

An event like this would not be complete without demonstration flights and aerial acrobatics. The KT-1, T-50 and FA-50 demonstrated their capabilities for business purpose. The ROKAF and civilian acrobatic teams displayed their aerial capabilities during the days that the event was open to the public.

Seoul Air Base

Multiple squadrons and units are stationed at Seoul Air Base (often referred to as K-16 Air Base or Seongnam Air Base).

15 Tactical Air Transport Wing

• 255 Special Operation Squadron flying the C-130H / C-130H-30

• 257 Squadron flying the C-130H / C-130H-30

39 Tactical Reconnaissance Group

• 125 Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron flying the RC-800 (Bae125-800RA) / RC-800 (Bae125-800SIG).

Air transport of heads of state and government

Seoul Air Base is also used as a VIP airfield by the President of the Republic of Korea and heads of state.

35 Combined Group

• 296 Squadron flying the B737-3Z8 / B747-4B5 / VH-60P / CN235-220M(VIP) / VCH-92.

Presence of the United States of America at Seongnam Air Base.

  • 2nd Assault Helicopter Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment (Wildcards) flying with the UH-60A and UH-60L. (Assault Helicopter Company Alpha, Bravo and Charlie).
  • 3rd General Support Aviation Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment (Nightmares), also flying with the UH-60A.
  • 52nd Aviation Regiment (Flying Dragons) flying the C-12J and C-12U.

ROKAF Seoul ADEX 2017 ROKAF Seoul ADEX 2017 ROKAF Seoul ADEX 2017 ROKAF Seoul ADEX 2017 ROKAF Seoul ADEX 2017 ROKAF Seoul ADEX 2017 ROKAF Seoul ADEX 2017 ROKAF Seoul ADEX 2017 ROKAF Seoul ADEX 2017

Sacheon Aerospace Expo 2017

My presence in South Korea for the ADEX ‘17 provided a good match to attend to the Sacheon Aerospace Expo 2017. This was again a great opportunity to photograph aircraft of the Republic of Korea Air Force. The Gyeongnam Sacheon Aerospace Expo was a 4-day event held from the 27th of October to the 30th of October in Sacheon, South Korea. The event featured the Black Eagle Team, Combat Search & Rescue, altitude drop and EXTRA 330 aerobatic demonstrations in the Aerospace Industry.

Sacheon is home to the ROKAF Education & Training Command since 1998, from where they operate trainers and test aircraft. Hangars for the trainer aircraft are found on the north and south sides of the base. The command is equipped with KAI KT-1 Woongbi single-engine turboprop aircraft for training purpose. This Korean aircraft was developed in a joint-venture by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) and the Agency for Defense Development (ADD) and is the first completely indigenous Korean aircraft ever developed.

The airport is home to KAI which develops aircraft, besides the aforementioned KT-1, like the T-50 and satellites as well. It is located on the north side of the airport.

Sacheon is the home base for:

• 3 Training Wing with the 213/215/217/236 Flight Training Squadron flying with the KT-1 trainer.

• 52 Test Evaluation Group with the 281 Test Evaluation Squadron flying with FA-50 and T-50

The KAI KT-1 Woongbi basic trainer replaced the T-37 at Sacheon from 2000. A total of 85 were received, followed by twenty KA-1 FAC aircraft in 2005-2006.

ROKAF Sacheon Aerospace Expo 2017 ROKAF Sacheon Aerospace Expo 2017 ROKAF Sacheon Aerospace Expo 2017 ROKAF Sacheon Aerospace Expo 2017 ROKAF Sacheon Aerospace Expo 2017 ROKAF Sacheon Aerospace Expo 2017 ROKAF Sacheon Aerospace Expo 2017 ROKAF Sacheon Aerospace Expo 2017 ROKAF Sacheon Aerospace Expo 2017 ROKAF Sacheon Aerospace Expo 2017 ROKAF Sacheon Aerospace Expo 2017 ROKAF Sacheon Aerospace Expo 2017 ROKAF Sacheon Aerospace Expo 2017

Peter van den Berg
Photojournalist at Aviation Photography Digest
Peter van den Berg is from Coevorden, Netherlands. His love for military aviation began in 1980. The first airbase where he photographed was Soesterberg, Netherlands where the 32 TFS was stationed with the F-15. After photographing many military exercises in Europe over the years, Peter decided to spend the last 15 years visiting Asia and the USA. He regularly writes books for Veldhuis Media Group. Peter has written books about NAS Fallon, Red Flag and the Japanese Airforce.

In addition to publishing books, Peter is working as a teacher for senior secondary vocational education.

Peter uses Nikon equipment.

Peter can be reached at: [email protected]
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